A look back at 20 years of Evistone…

Gaetano FERRARA, who are you ?

GF / I am above all someone who is curious and passionate about the world around me. When I have an idea, I need to put it into practice right away. As an electro-mechanic by training, I love to adapt and divert my work tools to allow me to realize sometimes unusual projects.

How do you work ?

GF / Through a rather pure and minimalist style, I am keen to honor the raw materials, to get rid of the superfluous to get back to the essential.

How have your roots helped you become the man you are today ?

My work as an artist is directly linked to my life path and my family heritage. As the youngest of six children, I was trained as a child by my father, who was a trained mason and skilled with his hands. Sometimes in the evenings he would take a piece of metal, heat it up in the fireplace and show us how to work it, how to model it. We also had a workshop below the house where my father and brothers worked in stone. So I was introduced very early to the carving and sculpting of this noble material.

As a teenager, I learned woodworking from my uncle, a cabinetmaker. When I was 18, I joined the family business and at the same time began a degree in electro mechanics in evening classes. I loved to repair and adapt the machines in our workshop. Soon, I wanted to design my own machines in order to improve my productivity. I then travelled to France, Switzerland, Italy… I trained myself in new techniques in order to deepen the transformaHon of raw materials.

Tell us how the Evistone adventure was born

GF / It was in the early 2000s that I started on my own. I immediately invested in technology. In fact, I was one of the first to own a machining center in the Hauts-Sarts zoning where we are located.
We develop product lines to create bathrooms, kitchens and high-end furniture. We have participated in a large number of fairs all over the world such as Paris, Amsterdam, Dubai, Qatar, without forgetting Belgium. The discussions held on these occasions have enabled us to carry out prestigious projects.

And today, 20 years later, how has Evistone evolved ?

GF / 20 years later, the world has changed…Evistone has adapted. Today, we are committed to opening the design market to the consumer to allow him to own a unique piece, to realize with him a project that is important to him.
Initially specializing in bathrooms, we then created kitchens, bookcases, fireplaces, worktops, staircases, television furniture, mirrors, bars, radiator coverings… Since 2020, we have doubled the surface area of our workshop and equipped it with the latest technology machinery to offer a new range of unique tables and our new Spa & Pool collection of pools, Jacuzzis, swimming corridors, wellness areas … to be discovered in our showroom.

According to you, what are the strong points of Evistone ?

GF / When you come to Evistone, every customer is guaranteed to have a job done with seriousness and meticulousness. Our furniture has the particularity of being unique, stylish and timeless.

Our added values are both in the complete control of the manufacturing chain (we realize everything in our workshop) and the 4 main materials that are stone, steel, wood and glass.

In your opinion, how will Evistone evolve, what are the future challenges ?

GF / Nobody can predict the future, but our strength has always been to anticipate. We have always adapted to the expectations of our customers, to the evolution of the market… Today we are coming back in force towards authenticity, naturalness and sustainability. We did not wait for this awareness to act. We have always worked in this direction with noble materials. We want to create prestigious furniture that stands the test of time…