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New collection of unique tables

Would you like to enrich your interior with a unique table? We invite you to discover our latest collection in our showroom.


Give yourself a unique piece. Some of our creations are signed and numbered.


We also have the ability to customize your table so that it perfectly fits into your interior.


From the marble quarry to your interior, a long way...

Working with steel

Steel is a wonderful raw material to treat. lush and strong ...

Wood Processing

A piece of wooden furniture at your home? We study and realize your dream...

Glass working

Thanks to our brand-new workshop, we are now able to fully realize...

Luxurious and durable furniture in high quality materials

Gaetano Ferrara is passionate about working with noble and resistant materials such as stone, wood, steel or glass. He designs prestigious pieces that stand the test of time and give you the feeling of bringing a piece of nature into your home.


A requirement without compromise

Nothing is led to the unexpected (chance), from the precise choice of the raw material to the design and final realization of the project. Quality, sturdiness and functionality are the guiding principles of our realizations.

The prestige of a signature

Discover the quality of a carefully designed product as well as of the furniture thought, designed and created in the spirit of high fashion. Some prestigious pieces in our collection are signed and numbered.

Precious materials

Created and shaped by nature over millennia, materials like marble fascinate us because they have a history in them, they tell us a story. Every vein that winds through marble, every grain in wood are traces of the past.

Technology at the service of cradsmanship

For 3 generations, we have continued our craftsmanship. 20 years after the creation of a first workshop of 800 m2 mainly dedicated to stone processing, we have had the calculated ambition to double that surface by building a second workshop dedicated to steel, wood and glass processing.

Avant-garde designer

The strength of Evistone lies in the fact that Gaetano Ferrara has always been able to surround himself with a team of men and women, each in their own way, who have contributed to the construction of this great adventure. It is also a family story : the love for processing raw material passed from father to son. Curious, inventive and intuitive, Gaetano Ferrara is a designer whose strength has always been in looking ahead. He doesn’t surf the wave…he creates it.